Ronin is an EVM blockchain crafted for developers building games with player-owned economies.
"It was essential for us to partner with a platform and team who understood how to make games and know the unique challenges game studios face. It was clear to us that gaming was in Ronin’s DNA and that we were aligned with the approach to community and how things should benefit the ecosystem and their players."
Atli Mar Sveinsson
CEO and Co-Founder at Directive Games
"Building on Ronin was truthfully an easy choice, when we consider how it was natively built for gaming, and how it scaled for Sky Mavis’ incredible gaming success, and the pairing with a world class Wallet, it’s the right fit for our ambitions."
Glenn Mcguire
Founder & CEO of Tribes Studio
"Axie Infinity has paved the way for a new breed of digital games, attracting a strong community of players and enthusiasts. We are pleased to be the first cohort of game studios tapping into the power of the Ronin network."
Kim Yungwoo
CEO of Bali Games
"Ronin provides a robust, scalable, cost-effective infrastructure for Bowled.io and other built-in features. We get access to the global blockchain gaming community alongside many other projects so we can collaborate and deliver the best experience for gamers."
Akshay Khandelwal
Founder of Bowled.io
"We chose Ronin because our mission is to build games and character IPs that are loved forever. From rewarding our longtime fans perpetual ownership of unique in-game items to having a community marketplace where players and creators can support each other, Battle Bears on Ronin makes all of this possible and more."
Ben Vu
Co-Founder and CEO of SkyVu
"Thanks to engaging gameplay, ease to use tooling and leading security - Ronin has become the top blockchain for gamers and Web3 investors. Deploying on Ronin was the highest priority to us to serve our community. The deployment process was incredibly smooth and we saw a surge in usage after we went live on Ronin!"
Sudjeev Singh
Co-Founder of MetaLend
Scalable. Battle-tested. Infinite.
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Web3 That Works
The #1 Web3 Gaming Community
Deploy on Ronin and get instant access to an engaged community of Web 3 gamers.
Millions of users. Billions of dollars in NFT volume. Ronin has walked the walk.
Cost Optimized
Transactions on Ronin are quick, cheap, and seamless.
Seamless Deployment
Ronin is EVM compatible, deploy your Ethereum applications quickly with no alterations.
Technology that Scales
Ronin uses DPoS to allow the token holders to participate in the selection of 22 validators.
The community selects 12 (trusted) Governing Validators to ensure Ronin's security.
Near-instant transactions and negligible transaction fees.
User Experience
A seamless blockchain experience, tailored for game developers and players.
Contribute to the Network
Become a Validator
Run a Validator node to secure the network and earn rewards.
Become a Delegator
Delegate your stake to validators to earn rewards.
Become a Validator
Run a Validator node to secure the network and earn rewards.
Become a Delegator
Delegate your stake to validators to earn rewards.
Build with the Best