Introducing Ronin Forge
Want to build games on Ronin? Apply now!

Key Points

  • Introducing Ronin Forge, an early access program inviting experimental game studios to pitch ideas and build on Ronin. 
  • Successful applicants can expect to receive a grant of up to $50,000 USD in RON, access to Sky Mavis publishing tools and resources, and tap into the most active Web3 gaming community. We intend to onboard 6 new teams through Ronin Forge, and we’re currently accepting applications on a rolling basis.
  • You’ll get fast tracked to be among the first games to launch on Ronin as we further enhance the permissionless environment and onboard more gaming experiences for our users and beyond.

Three years ago, we launched Ronin to support Axie Infinity’s exponential growth. Since then, Ronin has emerged as a leader in Web3 gaming on multiple fronts. New games like Pixels found staggering success in our ecosystem. Both Coinbase and Binance listed our native token – RON. The Ronin Wallet now supports multiple EVM chains and an ecosystem of dApps. Our movement is stronger than ever, and we’re ready to usher in a new generation of builders with Ronin Forge.

What is Ronin Forge?

Ronin Forge is an early access program for Web3 studios to build and launch games on Ronin. This program aims to foster innovation and build network effects amongst Web3 game developers, and align incentives between Sky Mavis, game studios, and our community. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pitch your idea and submit an application here
  2. We’ll review your proposals and reach out to shortlisted teams
  3. Finalists will receive a $50K grant in RON and access to Sky Mavis ecosystem resources.
  4. Start building on Ronin and launch your game

This gives game studios a chance to experience the Ronin Effect and shape the future of our industry while bringing more games for our community to play. If a Ronin Forge game shows traction, Sky Mavis may also provide additional investment and support beyond the program.

We intend to onboard 6 new teams through Ronin Forge, and will accept applications until we’ve reached this target.

What We’re Looking For 

We’re introducing Ronin Forge to welcome the next generation of builders on Ronin. We’re looking for scrappy, experimental teams who want to make great games with digital ownership at their core, and all game types are welcome – from MMOs to shooters to MOBAs and beyond. Applicants should have a playable game in beta with a 3-6 month timeline to global launch.

Here’s what successful applicants can expect to receive:

• A grant of up to $50,000 USD in RON

• Access to the Sky Mavis ecosystem, publishing tools, shared guides, a Slack channel with our team, and potential mentorship calls 

• Permission and support to integrate and use Ronin infrastructure like the Ronin Wallet, the Katana DEX, Mavis Market, and more

• A direct portal to the Ronin community

Successful applicants will get access to the same infrastructure and publishing tools that Pixels, Ragnarok, Kaidro, and others are building on right now. Here’s a shortlist of recent successes from Ronin builders:

• Pixels surpassed 1M DAU and received a feature in the New York Times

• Apeiron’s $APRS token launch had over $70M USD in RON staked to receive allocations

• Kaidro’s Journal NFT mint was minted by over 200K unique users

• Ragnarok: Monster World’s Public Nyang Kit Mint sold out in under 5 seconds

• Wild Forest’s RTS game has gone from early prototype build to Global Launch in 11 months

We receive an enormous amount of interest from builders around the world everyday, and we anticipate Ronin Forge applications to be competitive. However, we also know what it’s like to be the underdog – Axie Infinity had fewer than 300 players in its early days. So, if you’re ready to ship relentlessly and shape the future of Web3 gaming with us, apply to the Ronin Forge Program at the button below: