Introducing Sponsored Transactions on Ronin!
The Neo (v2.7.1) upgrade goes LIVE on Feb 26th

Key Points

  • Sponsored transactions will go LIVE on Ronin mainnet with the upcoming Neo (v2.7.1) upgrade and the Miko hardfork!
  • This upgrade will introduce a flurry of features to Ronin including sponsored transactions. Sponsored transactions involve transactions made by one address and paid for by another. 
  • The Neo (v2.7.1) upgrade will go LIVE when the Miko hardfork takes place at block 32367400 on February 26th. If you are running a validator or an RPC node on mainnet, please upgrade to Neo before that block on February 26th.

Attention builders, developers, and validators! The Neo (v2.7.1) upgrade and the Miko hardfork will go LIVE on February 26th at 7:00 UTC. This upgrade brings a flurry of new features to Ronin including REP-0007 and REP-0008, which introduce sponsored transactions on Ronin. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

What are Sponsored Transactions?

Sponsored transactions are transactions made by one address and paid for by another. For example, Axie Infinity has a kind of sponsored transaction system: players can submit gas-free transactions, which are then covered by Axie. While these sponsored transactions will continue after the Miko hardfork, this process has always required the participation of a validator node and took a long time to process – until now.

The Miko Hardfork gives game studios the option to sponsor transactions on Ronin. Imagine Pixels or Wild Forest covering some amount of new players’ gas fees! This can become a powerful onboarding tool for users who are still learning the ropes in Web3 gaming. It may also open doors to novel reward pathways for existing players. 

Final Thoughts

The Miko hardfork is scheduled to take place at block 32367400 (Monday, February 26, 7:00 UTC). If you are running a validator or an RPC node on the mainnet, please upgrade to Neo before February 26th. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a successful Neo upgrade.

Note: after the Miko hardfork, the sponsored transaction feature will also be integrated with the Ronin MPC wallet.