Pixels is LIVE on Ronin
Play-to-mint pets, and earn $BERRY!

Key Points

  • Welcome to Ronin, Pixels! Players can now login via Ronin wallet and start their Pixels adventure. 
  • Join the Carnival event for a chance to adopt one of 200 Genesis Dyno Pet NFTs! Pets are in-game NFT avatars that come with features like a happiness meter, increased storage capacity, and a boost to interaction radius. We explain how to adopt a Pet through the Carnival or via the brand new Moku Gacha quest in the article below.
  • Earn $BERRY by playing Pixels now. $BERRY is a utility token for the Pixels universe that will soon be available on our Katana DEX via a RON/BERRY pair.

In September, we announced Pixels.xyz’s migration to Ronin. Today, we’ve deployed essential smart contracts that pave the way for Pixels’ full migration. That means you can now create a Pixels account using your Ronin wallet, start earning the $BERRY token, buy Pets on Mavis Market, and more! This is just the beginning of our work together. Here’s how you can get started with Pixels on Ronin:

How to Play Pixels on Ronin

Pixels gameplay on Ronin will be the same as it was on Polygon. However, you’ll need to connect your Ronin wallet rather than an Ethereum wallet to play. The Pixels team has created some helpful guides to get you started – whether you’re a new or existing Pixels player. Check them out here:

What is the $BERRY token & how can I  earn it?

$BERRY is an in-game utility token in Pixels. The token has an uncapped supply to enable free-to-play gaming experiences, and players can earn $BERRY by completing in-game challenges or selling resources they’ve generated. For example, today every player earns 10 $BERRY after finishing the farming tutorial with Barney. You can also sell a plate of Pancakes for 1 $BERRY, and buy a small Speck Land for 100 $BERRY. While these numbers may change over time, the currency will remain a key part of Pixels’ gameplay. The more $BERRY you have, the more Pixels experiences you can discover. These kinds of features create supply and demand for the $BERRY token, which will soon be available on Ronin's Katana DEX as a RON/BERRY pair! 

Read more about $BERRY in Pixels’ Litepaper here.

Mint Pixels Genesis Pets at the Pixels Carnival!

How to Adopt a Pet

Pixels Genesis Pets are play-to-mint NFTs. That means you have to play Pixels to mint one! 

The Pixels team has put up 200 limited-edition Pixels Genesis Pets for adoption. Will you bring one of these cute buddies home? There are over 900,000 total players in Pixels, so fewer than 1% of these players will be able to own one of these little friends – and the only way to mint one is through Pixels’ gameplay. Pixels Genesis Pets are more than rare NFTs: they are in-game companions that enhance gameplay. Pets increase your avatar’s storage capacity and interaction radius. Manage their happiness meter to get the most out of your relationship! Here’s how to adopt a pet:

Carnival Ticket

Items required

• Your own land
• A Growth Lab
• Potions


Step 1: In Pixels, go to the Carnival and play games to earn tickets

Step 2: Bring your tickets to the Pets trailer in TerraVilla

Step 3: Redeem tickets for a chance to win a Pet coupon

If you don’t win the first time, keep trying and go back to Step 1! There are 200 Pet coupons available over the 30-day Carnival. You’re competing with others for a daily distribution of Pets, so the earlier you start while the competition is low, the higher your chances are to secure a Genesis Pet.

Step 4: If you won, you’ll receive a MINT Capsule in your Ronin wallet

Step 5: Bring this MINT Capsule to the in-game growth lab and breed your Pet with potions

Step 6: To hatch your pet, purchase a Growth Lab from Kirby at the Pet Shop and place it on your land

Step 7: Find a potions table and start crafting!

Step 8: Place all 30 potions into the Growth Lab and choose your capsule to hatch!

Even if you missed out on getting your Pixels Genesis Pet, don't fret—you can buy a pet on Mavis Market if someone has listed theirs for sale.

Once you acquire a MINT Capsule, use these tips to hatch your Pet!

  • Pro Tip #1: Potion Crafting
    • You'll need 30 potions to hatch your MINT Capsule
    • Craft potions with in-game ingredients
    • Better potions yield better pet stats, so craft wisely!
  • Pro Tip #2: Unlock Pet Utilities
    • Once hatched, your pet’s traits and stats will be fully revealed
    • Utilize your pet to increase storage space and extend your in-game interaction radius
  • Pro Tip #3: Keep That Happiness Meter High
    • Your pet comes with a happiness meter
    • Keep it high to maximize your pet's utilities
    • Feeding your pet keeps it happy and effective!

What about the $PIXEL token?

You may have heard about the $PIXEL token during the past Pixels AMAs. This is a premium in-game currency in Pixels that will be much harder to acquire than $BERRY. It’s similar to GEMS from the game Clash of Clans. However, $PIXEL is still unreleased and you cannot earn it – yet. When it comes out, you’ll be able to use $PIXEL for a variety of experiences like minting new land, unlocking skill enhancers, speeding up build times, and more. Stay tuned for more info, and read about the token in the Pixels Docs.

We’re Bringing Gacha BACK!

Gacha: a game where players redeem points to receive a chance at winning randomized prizes.

Earlier this summer, we celebrated the CyberKongz migration onto Ronin with a Gacha Challenge hosted by Moku. Today, we’re bringing Gacha back for Pixels! Complete quests for a chance to win Farm Land NFTs, Genesis Pets, a Mystic axie, and more. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Log into your Moku account or create a new one

Step 2: Go to the Ronin x Pixels Gacha Quest

Step 3: Connect your wallet and social accounts

Step 4: Complete the quests to earn points

Step 5: Redeem your points for Gacha rolls

Every Gacha roll gives you a chance to win one of the following prizes:

• 10 Pixels Farm Lands

• 3 Genesis Pets

• 1 Mystic Axie

• 500 regular Axies

• 1,500 RON tokens across over 5,000 winners

• Raffle Tickets for Genesis Pet at the end of the Gacha Challenge

The Ronin x Pixels Gacha Quest will run until November 5th 11:59pm (EST). 

Final Thoughts

We’ve welcomed many builders to the Ronin family over the past year. Today, we’re thrilled to count Pixels among them. The world is starting to realize that Ronin is the best place to build Web3 games, and this is just the beginning. Step by step, we will be the king of the gaming chains.