Pixels Players: the $BERRY Sunset has Begun
Convert your $BERRY to $PIXEL now 

Key Points

  • We will remove $BERRY from the Katana DEX and the Swap feature within the Ronin Wallet mobile app on February 17th @ 10pm ET / February 18th @ 11am PHST.* Convert your $BERRY to in-game, off-chain $PIXEL now!
  • To convert your $BERRY to in-game $PIXEL, go to your Pixels dashboard and click “Berry into Pixel.” Then, follow the instructions. You’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough below.
  • This update means soon you won’t be able to use Katana or your Ronin Wallet’s Swap feature to trade $BERRY. We recommend converting your $BERRY to in-game $PIXEL now because the exchange rate between the two tokens will decrease every 72 hours.

Attention Pixels players and $BERRY holders! We will remove $BERRY from the Katana DEX and the Swap feature within the Ronin Wallet mobile app on February 17th @ 10pm ET / February 18th @ 11am PHST. This is part of our preparation for the $PIXEL token launch, which will soon fuel Web3’s favorite farming simulation game – Pixels. Convert your $BERRY to $PIXEL by following the instructions below.

Convert your $BERRY to $PIXEL, then deposit your $PIXEL in-game to claim it.

How to Convert $BERRY to $PIXEL

Step 1: Visit the Pixels Dashboard 

Step 2: Click on the “Berry Into Pixel” tab on the left side

Step 3: Click on the “⬆️ Deposit $BERRY -> Pixel”

Step 4: Connect wallet

Step 5: Click on the “⬆️ Deposit $BERRY -> Pixel” again

Step 6: Deposit your $BERRY

Step 7: Confirm your deposit in the 'Transactions' section by selecting “Send Deposit”

Note: You'll still see $BERRY in your wallet after the Katana DEX and Ronin Wallet Swap feature sunset, which means you'll be able to send and receive the $BERRY token. After all, Ronin & the Katana DEX are decentralized protocols, and no one is able to confiscate and remove assets owned in your self custody wallet. 

However, $BERRY’s core utility will be removed by the Pixels team and there will be no available liquidity on the Katana user interface. While technically savvy users can still trade $BERRY via smart contracts on Ronin, trades may be more challenging and less predictable.

Claim your deposited Pixels in your in-game mailbox.

How to Claim your $PIXEL In-game

Step 1: Make sure you’ve completed the steps above and clicked “Send Deposit.”

Step 2: Open the Pixels game and log in.

Step 3: Once the game is loaded, click the “Mail” icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 4: Click "Collect Mail" to complete the claiming process!

Why We Recommend Converting $BERRY to $PIXEL

A few days ago, Pixels announced that the $PIXEL token would launch on Binance Launchpool. The team also shared their vision for a sustainable in-game economy. To achieve this, they’ve chosen to replace $BERRY with an off-chain coin while using $PIXEL as the sole on-chain token to fuel the game. You can read more about the thinking behind their decision here. Today, we recommend converting $BERRY to $PIXEL because $BERRY will no longer have in-game utility, and the exchange rate between $BERRY and $PIXEL will decrease every 72 hours.

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for more information about the official $PIXEL token launch! Pixels’ social channels are the best place to find the latest announcements. Follow them on X, Discord, and Medium!

updated on February 12th at 9:15 pm ET