PuffGo is LIVE on Mavis Hub!
Extra IGO Points, NFT Collector’s Guide, and more

Key Points

  • Download PuffGo on Mavis Hub for Android today! The iOS version is available on the App Store. Play Puffverse’s flagship party royale game for free, and download PuffTown from the App or Play Store to connect your Ronin Wallet and manage your Puffverse NFT collection.
  • We’re celebrating PuffGo’s Mavis Hub launch with two special events. Complete quests, join matches, and bind your wallet to earn extra IGO Points starting May 16th. More details below.
  • What’s the difference between the 5 Puffverse NFT collections, and which one meets your needs as a player? Check out our Puffverse Collector’s Guide for the answer.

In April, we welcomed Puffverse to Ronin. Puffverse is an interactive, immersive 3D universe built around their flagship party game – PuffGo. Today, PuffGo is LIVE on Mavis Hub! Download the multiplayer mobile game for Android and Apple devices now. 

Bind your Ronin Wallet and PuffTown account to earn IGO Points over the next 30 days. IGO Points will be redeemable for $PUFF tokens in the future. After reading this article, you’ll know how to get started with Puffverse, and which NFTs to scoop up from Mavis Market. Let’s jump in!

The Puffverse IGO Warming Up Fiesta

On May 16th, the Puffverse IGO Warming Up Fiesta will go LIVE! Complete quests and join matches to earn IGO Points which may later be redeemable for $PUFF tokens – and score some PuffTown Points too. Here’s how the events are going to work:

IGO Event


30 days, starting May 16th, until Jun 15

How to Earn IGO Points

• Sign-up and bind your wallet with a PuffTown account

• Complete quests like daily sign-ins and skill-to-earn challenges

Other Rewards

• Earn an exclusive Ronin avatar and frame!

• Earn PuffTown Points to redeem rewards in PuffTown!

PuffTown Event


16 days, starting May 16th, until May 31

How to Earn PuffTown Points

• Log-in to PuffGo for a total of 5 days or more during the event time period

• Complete 1 PuffGo match each day you log-in

Other Rewards

• In-game diamonds

Redeem PuffTown points for rewards like NFTs, Diamonds, Xiaomi Mobile phones, and more in the PuffTown Shop!

Puffverse Collector’s Guide

There are five Puff characters: Patty, Claude, Ashe, Bill Duck, and Pop. In PuffGo, players compete in mini-games using one of these characters. Each Puff has 8 body parts with a variety of combinations that make them unique. You’ll need to understand the Puffverse ecosystem as a whole to determine which NFTs are the best fit for your collection.

The Puff ecosystem has a lot going on: there are 5 Puff NFT collections, which all feature each of the characters above. There’s also the PuffGo party royale game, PuffTown, PuffWorld – and more. After reading this guide, you’ll know how the Puff ecosystem works and understand the difference between each Puff NFT collection. 

PuffGo: the Mobile Party Royale Game

PuffGo is Puffverse’s flagship game – and it’s free to play! Download the game on Mavis Hub and create an account. It takes less than 2 minutes to get set up and start playing mini-games with other players. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, connect your Ronin Wallet and pick up some Puff NFTs. This will enable you to earn IGO Points, which will be redeemable for $PUFF tokens in the future.

PuffTown: a Control Panel for Puff Assets

PuffTown is a separate app where you’ll manage your Puff assets. Think of it like a Control Panel. Display in-game and on-chain data, import a wallet, and more. You’ll need to download PuffTown to use your Puff NFTs in-game. Download it from the App Store or Play Store at the links below:


PuffWorld is Puffverse’s social experience. Today, it consists of an in-game open world where you connect with other players – kind of like a massive game lobby. Create channels, add friends, and invite them to team-up in challenges! Access PuffWorld’s social features in PuffGo by clicking the yellow ID card above another user’s name.

The Five Puff NFT Collections

Today, there are 5 Puff NFT collections on Mavis Market: Puff Genesis, Puff New Year, Puff Football, Puff Classic, and Puff General. Each one has a unique utility. Here’s what they’re all about:

Puff Genesis

Puff Genesis is the collection with the most utility. These NFTs grant holders access to all products in Puffverse, and often receive special opportunities. For example, only Puff Genesis NFTs, Puff Football NFTs, and Puff New Year NFTs can participate in the PuffSim adventure as characters.

• Play in PuffGo Advanced Rank Seasons with 3 free chances per season

• Breed new Puffs in PuffSim

• Copyright ownership of your Puff

• Airdropped Passcard

• Other VIP benefits

Total Supply: 2,500

If you want access to 100% of the Puffverse ecosystem, you’ll need to pick up a Puff Genesis NFT on Mavis Market!

Puff New Year 

The New Year collection is a series of limited-edition NFTs launched at the beginning of 2023. They also grant holders 2 free chances per season to participate in PuffGo Advanced Rank as well as access to a variety of Puffverse products. The main utility is aesthetic: your Puff will stand out in PuffGo!

Total Supply: 2,023

Want your Puff to stand out in PuffGo, or want to start celebrating New Year’s really early? Buy a Puff New Year NFT on Mavis Market now!

Puff Football

The limited-edition Football collection features Puffs with designs belonging to national football teams! There are Puffs with Korean flags, others with footballs on their heads, some with special jerseys – and more. Puff Football NFTs were minted from Mystery Boxes, and grant holders 2 free chances per season for PuffGo Advanced Rank.

Total Supply: 3,840

Want to represent your country’s football team in PuffGo games? Pick up a Puff Football NFT on Mavis Market now!

Puff Classic

Puff Classic NFTs were born from hatched eggs received by Puff Genesis and Puff Football NFT holders. Puff Classic NFTs can also join other Puffs in PuffSim. These NFTs have somewhat less utility than Puff Genesis, but are a good way to get a foot in the door to the Puffverse ecosystem.

Total Supply: unlimited

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to get started in Puffverse, you may want to scoop up a Puff Classic NFT on Mavis Market.

Puff General

Puff General NFTs come from hatched eggs in PuffTown. They have no special outfit, and grant holders 2 free chances to join the PuffGo Advanced Rank in total – no reset. These are the most basic of all Puff NFT collections, and the least expensive collection for now!

Total Supply: unlimited

Final Thoughts

Puffverse joined our movement in April, and they’ve already been making waves. Their flagship party royale game PuffGo is a light-hearted experience that anyone can explore today. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to onboard friends or family onto Ronin – this might be it. We encourage you to help them set up a PuffGo account and play a few mini-games together. Fair warning: once you get a 1st place finish in Rumble Tumble, you might not want to stop playing!