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Key Points

  • We’re ecstatic to share Binance has now listed RON! Today, the RON token became tradeable on the world’s largest crypto exchange. Here are the available trading pairs: RONIN/BTC, RONIN/USDT, RONIN/FDUSD and RONIN/TRY.
  • RON is Ronin’s native token: it fuels all network activities and accrues value from a variety of fees collected throughout the ecosystem. In this article, read about Ronin’s mission to become the #1 gaming chain, the impact of Pixels’ recent migration, and how Axie continues to push the boundaries of Web3 gaming.
  • Check out a leek shared by co-founder and COO Aleksander Larsen on the Paul Barron Network about Ronin’s upcoming scaling plans!

We’re ecstatic to share Binance has now listed RON! Today, the RON token became tradeable on the world’s largest crypto exchange. Binance's 38% share of the global spot trading market brings RON closer than ever to many millions of Web3 users. This is more than a big day for our community: it’s a sign that new allies are waking up to our movement. RON has long-fueled Web3 gaming from Axie Infinity to Pixels, and Binance’s listing is a major victory for gamers around the world. 

RON: Ronin’s Native Token

RON is Ronin’s native token. It fuels all network activities from gaming transactions and NFT trading to block validation and staking rewards. The token also accrues value through the Ronin Treasury from fees collected throughout the ecosystem. For example, gas fees, the Katana DeX’s 0.05% swap fees, Mavis Market’s 0.5% fee, and 30% of Ronin Name Service (RNS) sales all flow back to RON. RON also powers in-game transactions including Axie’s Gems and Pixels’ VIP memberships. In many ways, RON is the beating heart of Ronin and Web3 gaming.

Want to stake your RON and earn rewards? Current APR is about 14-15% across all validators. Check out our video tutorial to get started:

Today’s listing will boost liquidity for RON by introducing it to a broader user base. It’s a milestone that also brings credibility to our native token and our movement of Web3 gamers. We’re on a mission to become the #1 gaming blockchain in the world – today, we made a giant leap forward.

Ronin metrics from December 2023. Many of these numbers have continued to increase since then.

Ronin: the Blockchain Forged for Gamers

Ronin is fast-becoming the dominant Web3 gaming chain and the most effective distribution channel for those games. The proof is in Pixels: their game’s daily active users (DAU) went from 5K to 130K after migrating to Ronin. Pixels was already the #1 Web3 game by DAU before its migration. Once they arrived on Ronin, they were able to step on the gas even more.

After migration to Ronin, Pixels Land NFT floor price shot up 1,222% with a clear trend acceleration on the date of migration (October 29th, 2023). Those NFTs will soon be available on Ronin’s generalized NFT marketplace – Mavis Market. On Mavis Market, users can collect the gaming NFTs they need and pay with RON.

After migrating to Ronin, Pixels was able to become cash flow positive with a monthly run rate of over $1M USD. How many other teams in crypto are cash flow positive? RON played a key role in making this happen: Pixels’s VIP sales are priced at $10 in RON and they’ve already earned about $2M USD so far.

Pixels VIP purchase count during the months after migration.

Ronin’s Strategy

Ronin is home to a cornucopia of Web3 games with more on the way. The network has also attracted partners like Google, Nansen, Animoca Brands, Pyth Network, Coingecko… Check out the full list above. By the end of the week, we’ll have to update the image again because our movement is growing so fast! RON is the centerpiece of everything we do, and we feel like we’re just getting started.

Sky Mavis co-founder and COO Aleksander Larsen drops a few leeks about Ronin’s scaling plans on the Paul Barron Network.

Today, the Ronin team curates partners and projects to onboard. Our business development team speaks to game studios everyday and looks for teams with the right culture, intention, and product to ship for our community. We work closely with each game studio, and offer our mentorship forged through the experience of building Axie. By focusing our efforts on great founders making great games, our mentorship helps teams avoid pitfalls and boost their chances of success. 

In the future, we plan to open up Ronin along with a scaling solution plan, so that anyone will be able to deploy on Ronin. While the exact timing is still yet to be determined, Sky Mavis co-founder COO Aleksander Larsen dropped a few hints in the video above!

Ronin’s First-Mover Advantage

The first platform to dominate distribution for a market can jump out to a huge advantage that is used to leapfrog competitors. Think of how Apple used content via the iPod/iTunes/iMac connect to flank Microsoft and beat Sony at their own game. Artists were willing to endorse iTunes and upload their music for a lower cost because of the distribution and marketing power that Apple had. Tech is only important if it creates this distribution advantage.

While Ronin is still a young blockchain, monthly active addresses have been surging up and to the right. This is good for the entire industry, as our strategy is to use gaming as an approachable portal into Web3. When they’re ready, users may take a break from playing games to explore more sophisticated financial services and more complex higher LTV applications. This is how the largest all-purpose chain will be created: content + social interactions as an onboarding portal. Underlying this thinking is Ronin’s relentless, beating heart: RON

Ronin’s first-mover advantage was built by Axie Infinity’s success, which remains Web3’s most recognizable game years after launch. Let’s explore some of Axie’s recent metrics and explore how the game continues to innovate:

Axie Infinity: Ronin’s First Breakout Game

Axie Infinity is the most-transacted NFT game in the world, and helped onboard millions of users to crypto over the past 6 years. Axie also lives on Ronin and has maintained its lead as the #1 IP in all of Web3. Its merch store accepts payment in RON.

Fun Fact: Sky Mavis launched Ronin in 2021 to meet the needs of Axie gamers who found Ethereum too slow and expensive. Today, all Axie transactions happen on Ronin.

Axie is an entire gaming ecosystem in itself, with about 168K Axies sold in the past 30 days generating over 1,916 ETH in monthly volume. Many Axie players are both cryptonatives and passionate gamers, which is why so many are willing to explore new games that come to Ronin. We’ve been building new gaming features and experiences for this community for over 6 years. Here’s an example of how Axie continues to push the boundaries of Web3 gaming:

The Axie Infinity Part Evolution trailer reached 2.7M views on X, making it the most-viewed Web3 announcement in 2023 – surpassing even the Pudgy Penguins Walmart toy launch announcement.

In December of 2023, we launched Part Evolution. Part Evolution made it possible to level up individual axie parts, and introduced the concept of vertical progression and dynamic NFTs. As a result, axies are the first NFTs that can now evolve based on skill, time, and effort. Over time, this will help players develop an attachment to individual axies, similar to how Pokémon players have favorite Pokémon.

Final Thoughts

To the Ronin community: today is a victory for all of us. We’ve endured a bear market together, and are building the fastest-growing gaming blockchain in the world. That’s something to celebrate. We know it, you know it, and now Binance knows it too. Over the next few weeks, there will be many eyes on us as newcomers look to join into our movement. Let’s give these new recruits a warm welcome – and let’s keep building!

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