ZOIDS is coming to Ronin!
Welcome to the family, ACT Games

Key Points

  • We’re excited to announce that ZOIDS WILD ARENA will migrate onto Ronin next Wednesday, November 8th! 
  • ACT Games – the studio behind the game – will also begin migrating its portfolio into our ecosystem over the next year.
  • We’ve included a gameplay overview below that covers battlefield basics, deck-building, and NFT card stats. Download the game on Play Store to explore ZOIDS WILD ARENA now!

We’re honored to bring ZOIDS WILD ARENA onto Ronin and welcome ACT Games to the family! Many members of our community grew up watching ZOIDS on TV and playing with their toy collectibles. Today, they’ve joined our movement! Blockchains will power the next generation of iconic games, and the world is starting to see why Ronin has become many Web3 game studios’ favorite place to build. Earlier this week, Pixels began their migration into our ecosystem, and our alliance with ACT Games is yet another partnership that will bring us closer to our destiny as the king of the gaming chains. Here’s what you need to know about ZOIDS:


Watch the game trailer here

What are ZOIDS?

Zoid = zoic + android. Zoic is like the word “zoo,” and androids are robots. A Zoid is a combination of robots and animals.

ZOIDS is an iconic franchise founded in 1983 by TOMY (now TOMY Company, Ltd.). These giant robots based on dinosaurs, insects, and other creatures have been featured in many video games, physical toy collections, anime TV series – and more. ZOIDS WILD ARENA is the latest game in the 40-year franchise, and integrates blockchain-powered digital ownership into its gameplay.

ZOIDS WILD ARENA is a trading card game (TCG) by ACT Games using units from the ZOIDS WILD franchise as cards. Build a 30-card deck, battle other Commanders, and upgrade your stats. The game features an arena for battles, a marketplace to trade cards, rewards for top players, a shop to buy or upgrade cards, and more. ZOIDS WILD ARENA is a skill-based card battler: summon your units and battle your way to the top! 


In ZOIDS WILD ARENA, players are Commanders facing off against each other in a turn-based PvP card battle. Use a 30-card deck of unit and tactic cards to inflict damage on your opponents’ ZOIDS and reduce the enemy Commander’s HP to zero. Players enter the battlefield with a deck they’ve built, full HP, and one Mana. Every turn, Mana increases by one. Most cards cost some amount of Mana to play.

Decks are made up of Unit and Tactic cards: Unit cards are actual ZOIDS that occupy a position on the battlefield, while Tactic cards are skills a Commander can play to get a leg up in the match. Both of these cards can attack and defend. For example, Omega Rex is a Unit card that costs 9 Mana to summon and destroys all surrounding units below a certain HP. On the other hand, Meteor Strike is a Tactic card that also costs 9 Mana to play, dealing damage and stunning surrounding units. The main difference between Unit and Tactic cards is that Unit cards take up a card slot after you summon them while Tactic cards go to the graveyard after you’ve played them. 

As the battle rages on, players will gain more Mana and start dealing more damage to each other. The last Commander standing wins! Strong players will use a combination of Unit and Tactic cards to take down their opponents while protecting themselves throughout the match. That means success often comes down to deck-building strategy.

Building Decks

There will be a few ways to get the cards you need to build a deck. You’ll be able to go to the ZOIDS shop to buy single cards, 10-card packs, or a Deluxe Pack of thirty cards. You’ll also be able to buy cards from other players on Mavis Market, and upgrade the cards you already own using Metal. Metal is an off-chain currency – for now. The stars at the top of a card indicate its grade: cards with higher grades at birth are more powerful than those with lower grades at birth. Upgrade to increase the card’s stats, but remember: upgrades can also fail. That means you may have to make a few upgrade attempts before earning another star and boosting a card’s stats, which happens more often at higher grades. This ensures that higher-grade cards remain scarce and adds a layer of gameplay difficulty.

Note that upgrading a card happens off-chain, but trading cards happen on-chain.

Meet ACT Games and Takara Tomy

ACT Games was founded in 2019 and has since developed four intellectual property (IP) games with cumulative net sales of $6.4m USD and over 3M downloads including the Match 3 Puzzle game Aggretsuko based on the Netflix animation of the same name. They’ve also partnered with Hello Kitty and Ruler of the Land to bring their IP with on-chain experience. ACT Games understands the importance of brands with universal appeal, and wants to merge them with blockchain technology – starting with ZOIDS.

Our collaboration with Sky Mavis isn't just about migration; it's a deep-rooted partnership that blends their Web3 expertise with our specialization for crafting standalone IP-based titles.

- Viggo Chung, Business Development Lead at ACT Games

Final Thoughts

In 2021, we launched Ronin with one game: Axie Infinity. Today, we’re welcoming partner after partner into our ecosystem. In the past year, we’ve laid the foundation for a variety of gaming experiences on Ronin – and there’s something for everyone. Card battlers, iconic IP franchises, open-world simulations, real-time strategy games… Step by step, this is how we become king of the gaming chains ⚔️