Apeiron's Ecosystem Token $APRS is Launching on Ronin!
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Key Points

  • Introducing Apeiron’s $APRS token launch on Ronin! Apeiron is the first Web3 god game x roguelite, and you’ll be able to purchase their ecosystem token through our partners at Impossible Finance on the Ronin Launchpad between March 12th and March 15th for $0.11 USDC per token. The $APRS token sale will happen on Ronin at this link. To prepare, make sure you know how to deposit assets into your Ronin wallet. More instructions coming soon!
  • The $APRS token will be subject to vesting and unlock requirements. The Apeiron team designed these requirements to ensure $APRS supports a sustainable ecosystem. Learn more in the official Apeiron Whitepaper.
  • The Apeiron community round will take place from March 12th-15th, and will be split between one round each for OMEGA and Primeval Apeiron asset holders – which you can read about here. Apeiron NFT holders will have the option to purchase a total of 15M $APRS. The Ronin community round will take place on March 15th, and the Ronin community will have the option to buy 4M $APRS. Check out the overview below for more details.

Today is a turning point for the Ronin movement. Together, we begin our journey towards the first token sale on Ronin of many to come. Between March 12th and March 15th, you’ll have the opportunity to buy Apeiron’s ecosystem token – $APRS. 

Apeiron is the first Web3 god game x roguelite and has seen a steady increase in user growth since migrating to Ronin. Their upcoming token launch will serve two purposes: to fuel the growth and development of the Apeiron ecosystem while empowering the community to deepen their engagement through governance at an early valuation. Apeiron has recently released their PvP Open Beta and their new season 3 release with updated story content is just around the corner. Here’s how you can get ready:

Source: DappRadar, March 6th 2024

What is Apeiron?

Apeiron is a card-battling Roguelite x God Game hybrid. Players battle their way through a grid-based dungeon with their Apostles while wielding supernatural powers – like a god. In the most recent PvP release, players can also challenge other gods to fight for rewards and to climb the competitive ranked ladder. It’s both a revival of the classic god simulation genre popular in the early 2000s and a roguelite incorporating modern gameplay design experiences. Grow your own planets, control giant Avatars in battle, collect cute dood NFTs, and more! The music and sound effects are also pretty awesome.

Learn more about Apeiron here.

Fun fact: Apeiron Chief Technical Officer Gem Ng got started in Web3 gaming with Axie Infinity.

Introducing Apeiros ($APRS): the Apeiron Ecosystem Token

$APRS is the ecosystem token of Apeiron issued by Foonie Magus, the game’s developer. The token will allow holders to participate in governance of Apeiron. The relationship between $APRS and Apeiron is similar to the one between $AXS and Axie Infinity. 

You may have heard of Apeiron’s $ANIMA token. $ANIMA is a gameplay token with infinite supply, which is different from $APRS which is an ecosystem token with a fixed supply. Stay tuned for the $ANIMA token launch coming soon!

The $APRS token will be subject to vesting and unlock requirements. The Apeiron team designed these requirements to ensure $APRS supports a sustainable ecosystem. For example, investors’ token allocations will be held in escrow until they vest according to their own schedule. 

You can read more about $APRS unlock and vesting timelines in the official Apeiron Whitepaper

The Vested Token section in the Apeiron Dashboard

As you read through the sale details below, remember that 100% of $APRS tokens will remain locked until $APRS is listed on either the Katana DEX or another exchange.

$APRS Sale Details

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Price per APRS Token: $0.11 USD

Fully Diluted Valuation: $110M USD

Vesting: 20% unlock on TGE. 2 months cliff, then 80% block by block vesting over 18 months.

Utility: Creating Planet NFTs, creating Relic NFTs, staking, gacha

The $APRS sale will take place in two separate rounds on the Ronin Launchpad powered by Impossible Finance: the Apeiron Community Round and the Ronin Community Round. Anyone who meets the KYC requirements will have an opportunity to purchase $APRS using $USDC on Ronin. 

Apeiron Community Round

The Apeiron Community Round will take place on March 12th-15th, and Apeiron NFT holders will have the option to purchase a total of 15M $APRS. The Round will be split in two: the OMEGA Round and the Primeval Round. Read more about Apeiron’s Community Round including the difference between OMEGA and Primeval Rounds as well as their snapshot of NFT holders here. 

If you’re an Apeiron player, you’ll be able to claim your purchased tokens on the Apeiron official token vesting portal.

Ronin Community Round

The Ronin Community Round will take place on March 15th, and the Ronin community will have the option to buy 4M $APRS. Community members will be able to purchase $APRS through a Standard Sale and an Unlimited Sale. Allocations are based on the amount of wRON staked into Ronin Launchpad and time staked from March 13th. Note that the wRON you stake on Ronin Launchpad has no relation to the RON you may have staked with a validator on Ronin. That means you’ll need to stake fresh wRON on Ronin Launchpad to be eligible for the $APRS, regardless of any RON you may have staked to a Ronin validator.

Key  Dates

wRON Staking period

13-15 March 6:00 AM UTC

During this period, stake wRON on Impossible Finance’s Ronin Launchpad to see how many $APRS tokens you’ll be able to purchase. Impossible Finance determines token allocation using their StakeWeight Allocation Model, which takes into account how many wRON tokens you stake and for how long you stake them. Read more here, and follow the steps below to wrap your RON.

Step 1: Go to Mavis Market and select “Log In” to connect your Ronin wallet.

Step 2: Click “Swap RON/WRON" through the drop down in the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Enter the amounts you’d like to swap and hit confirm!

$APRS Purchase period

15 March 10:00AM UTC to 17 March 4:00 AM UTC

During this period, you’ll be able to purchase $APRS according to your allocation based on the StakeWeight Allocation Model described above. If you don’t purchase $APRS during this time, you will forfeit your allocation.

$APRS Claim period

26 March, with the confirmed time to be announced later

You can claim your APRS tokens on Aperion's vesting portal: https://marketplace.apeironnft.com/user/reward/vesting/ 

You can learn more about the way Impossible Finance structures token launches here. Refer to #9 for specific info about Standard and Unlimited sales. 

An excerpt from the Impossible Finance FAQ. 

The $APRS Standard Sale will be allocated a total of 2.4M tokens, with a 1000 wRON maximum stake. This allocation was designed to give smaller RON holders the opportunity to acquire more $APRS.

The Unlimited Sale will be allocated 1.6M tokens. There is no cap on the amount of wRON staked in this method, so large RON holders may stake large amounts to compete & maximize their allocations here.

Remember: 100% of $APRS tokens will remain locked until $APRS is listed on either the Katana DEX or another exchange.

Final Thoughts

Apeiron joined our movement in December, and has already seen explosive growth since their migration to Ronin. Their four NFT collections have already done over 75K RON in volume, and their monthly active users have grown from 50 to 24K in just a few months. The launch of their $APRS token is another step in a journey that is just beginning.

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