The Ragnarok: Monster World Nyang Kit NFT Mint is Coming!
Who will be the first Genesis Tamer? ⚔️

Key Points

  • Mark your calendars! The Ragnarok: Monster World Nyang Kit is happening on May 28 at 9am EST (9pm PH). Buy Nyang Kits → Get Ragmon Tickets and Nyangvines → Redeem Ragmon Tickets for Ragmons → Win prizes with your Nyangvines (if you’re lucky!). See Zero X And's official announcement here.
  • Nyang Kits are also keys to other opportunities within the Ragnarok: Monster World ecosystem. Each Nyang Kit includes four ERC1155 NFTs: 1 Nyangvine + 3 Ragmon Tickets. Nyangvines are your official ticket to the Genesis Tamer raffle, the most coveted grail piece in Monster World. Redeem Ragmon Tickets for NFT Ragmons that you can use in battle, merge to level up, or sell in the open market.
  • Mint Individual Nyang Kits for as little as 1 RON, or pick up Starter and Discovery Packages that are chock full of extra benefits including bonus Nyang Kits, extra in-game coupons, and Irochi Baphomet NFT Raffle Tickets! More details below.

In April, Ragnarok: Monster World joined the Ronin movement. We felt the excitement through our screens, and we heard roars of approval around the world. On May 28th, we take another step forward with the Nyang Kit NFT Mint on Ronin! Acquire Nyangvines, Ragmon Tickets, extra in-game benefits – and maybe even a rare 1/200 Irochi Baphomet NFT!

Ragnarok is more than a game: it’s a billion-dollar transmedia IP that has amassed over 68 million players across its various titles. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to seize the moment when Ragnarok’s first NFT mint on Ronin goes LIVE:

What is a Nyang Kit?

If you’ve ever played Ragnarok Online, Nyangvines will be familiar! In Monster World, they’re coming back — with a twist! Nyangvines are BACK through the Nyang Kit! Nyang Kits will serve as a key to many opportunities within the Ragnarok: Monster World ecosystem. Each kit includes four ERC1155 NFTs: 1 Nyangvine + 3 Ragmon Tickets. Here’s what Nyang Kits give holders:

Acquire 1 Nyangvine and 3 Ragmon Tickets per kit, allowing you to redeem Ragmon Tickets for Ragmon NFTs on the Ragnarok: Monster World website, even before the game launches

Participate in lotteries exclusive to Nyangvine holders for a chance to win various Ragmon NFTs

Secure spot in Genesis Tamer (PFP with a limited supply of 350) raffle draws

Secure spot in monthly raffle draws with exciting prizes (such as $RON, Higher Grade Ragmons, and in-game rewards)

Unlock additional benefits that will be revealed in the future, with the potential for more rewards the longer you hold onto your Nyangvine

During the Nyang Kit mint, you’ll be able to mint individual Nyang Kits and packages that contain multiple Nyang Kits. For example, a Discovery Package will have 30 Nyang Kits – and extra benefits like an Irochi Baphomet NFT raffle ticket!

Irochi Baphomet is a unique variation of the iconic Ragnarok Online boss that will become a rare Ragmon NFT limited to 200 units.

Nyangvine Utility

Nyangvines will serve as your official ticket to the Genesis Tamer NFT. Genesis Tamers are the holy grail in Ragnarok: Monster World, as there will only ever be 350 in circulation. Genesis Tamers are kind of like the Mystic axies of Ragnarok: Monster World. Limited supply, VIP status. Ragnarok: Monster World players are all classified as Tamers, but ownership of a Genesis Tamer will grant special benefits to its holders.

Here’s a summary of Genesis Tamer benefits:

Immediate Rewards: Gain access to exclusive perks such as early access to Irochi Baphomet NFTs, invitations to first-looks at new/upcoming monsters, a guild establishment permit, and airdrops of Rare to Mythic Grade Ragmons.

Hidden Rewards: Further rewards will be revealed as the community expands and the project progresses along its timeline. The current thinking is that Nyangvine’s can play a role in the P2E aspect of the game.The more Nyangvines you have, the better your chances of landing a Genesis Tamer in the raffle. While the Nyang Kit’s raffle entry is exciting, it’s only one of the Nyang Kit’s many benefits.

Ragmon Ticket Utility

You’ll get three (3) Ragmon Tickets when you mint 1 Nyang Kit. These tickets can be used to claim new NFT Ragmons every week. Yes, you read that right… One Nyang Kit contains THREE Ragmon Tickets! This gives you access to three Ragmon NFTs you can use in battle, merge with your other Ragmon to level up, or sell in the open market. 

The number of tickets required to redeem a Ragmon NFT varies depending on the Ragmon you want to redeem – the higher a Ragmon’s value or Grade, the more tickets you’ll need. For example, 1 ticket will be required for a Common Grade Ragmon, while 2 tickets will be required for Epic Grade Ragmons. So, it’s a good idea to have a strategy before spending any tickets!

Here are some of the Ragmons that will be available soon:

More Ragmon Details

There will be over 30 Ragmons available when the game launches in Q3 of this year. Every week, there will be new Ragmons that you can claim using your Ragmon Tickets. Once claimed, these Ragmons will become tradeable NFTs on Mavis Market.

Pro tip: Competitive players may want to hold onto their Ragmons! The merging feature will be a key component of the game, and will also be the only way to level up your Ragmons. You’ll need to merge a Ragmon of the same kind, and the higher the level of your Ragmon, the more difficult it can be to hit a successful merge. More Ragmons, better merge results. This is why having a lot of Ragmons will be important in the long run.

Read here to learn more about the gameplay and other features of the game:

Minting a Discovery Pack gives you 30 Nyang Kits. This means you will be able to receive 90 Ragmon Tickets, which you can use to claim your Ragmon NFTs down the road.

Nyang Kit Mint Details

Individual Nyang Kit

  • Price: 1 $RON
  • Nyang Kit Quantity: 1

Nyang Kit Starter Package

  • Price: 10 $RON
  • Nyang Kit Quantity: 11 (including a bonus of 1)
To receive the bonus offer, you must purchase 10 Nyangs Kits in a single transaction.

Nyang Kit Discovery Package

  • Price: 25 $RON
  • Nyang Kit Quantity: 30 (including a bonus of 5)
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Extra In-game Coupons: These coupons offer Reward Boxes containing Off-chain Ragmons, Spell Cards, and Gold. They will be distributed via the Ragmon website prior to the game's launch.
    • Irochi Baphomet NFT Raffle Ticket: Irochi Baphomet stands as a rare Ragmon NFT, limited to only 200 units. It boasts a unique appearance and an exclusive in-game moveset. 20 Irochi-Baphomet will be distributed to Premium and Discover Package buyers via raffle.
To receive this offer’s benefits, you must purchase 25 units in a single transaction. Please ensure that you buy all of them at once!

Sale Stages and Eligibility

The Nyang Kit sale will have three stages: the Collaborator Stage, the Allowlist Stage, and the Public Stage. Premium Packages will only be available during the Collaborator Stage. The Ragmon team has also held a private sale of 60 Packages for investors, vetted partners and guilds, and other supporters. Here’s how the other sale stages work:

Allowlist Stage

  • Ragnarok and Ronin community members are eligible according to the following distribution:
    • Community (70.5%): Active community members, early adopters who subscribed to the Ragmon teaser page, as well as key opinion leaders and event participants who have contributed to the growth and success of Ragmon.
    • Ronin Creators (19.1%): Creators who have demonstrated their commitment to Ronin. This extends to the creators’ communities.
    • Members of the Ronin Guild on (10.3%): Participants selected through a special raffle hosted by Ronin's new ecosystem membership management partner, The raffle at this link determines allocation.
    • Ragmon Team (0.3%)
  • Discovery Packages, Starter Packages, and individual Nyang Kits available for purchase
  • Maximum of 25 purchases per wallet

If you’re reading this and you still aren’t allowlisted, there are many ways to get an allowlist spot. Check out Ragmon’s Discord for ongoing activities, Moku quests, and creator giveaways over the next few days.

If you secured a “Whitelist” in the Moku quest, that does not count. The “Whitelist” reward in the Moku quest was only a freebie of 1 Nyang Kit. If you wish to mint on the 28th, you need the “Allowlist” reward/tag.

Public Stage

  • Anyone with a Ronin Wallet can mint Nyang Kits, Discovery Packages, and Starter Packages during this stage
  • Maximum of 50 Nyang Kits per wallet, regardless of package format

The maximum Nyang Kits allowed per wallet is 30, and a Discovery Package provides 30 Nyang Kits.. At 25 RON,  Discovery Packages represent the best value relative to Individual or Starter Packages. It also has extra perks like a spot in the Irochi Baphomet raffle!

Final Thoughts

Ragnarok: Monster World is one of the most exciting projects to arrive on Ronin this year. This sale marks the beginning of the Ragnarok journey towards the game launch in Q3. Ronin gamers have dreamt of this moment… and now it’s here. The world of Ragnarok is about to unfold before our eyes. Are you ready?