Ronin Carnival
The Ronin Carnival is a compilation of ecosystem partner activations on the Ronin blockchain. Get free NFTs, tokens, and points from third-party builders on Ronin.

Check out our partners’ activations at the links below! Get free axies by completing missions in Axie Infinity Origins or purchasing Axie collectibles. Register for Apeiron's $1,000,000 Guild Wars in a few clicks. Explore a 7-day free trial of 0xScope's AI-powered trading assistant. If our ecosystem or game studio builders have any promotional offers going on, you’ll find them below!

Explore the rest of the Ronin ecosystem here.

Games on Ronin

Puff Crew War

LIVE until July 15th

Unleash your teamwork, join & form your Puff crews, to fight for a share of 400,000 IGO Point rewards!

1) Sign up for PuffGo and PuffTown
2) Create or bind an on-chain wallets to the PuffTown account
3) Play a PuffGo match to earn 10 IGO Points.

Join & create a Puff Crew Now!

Join the $1,000,000 Apeiron Guild Wars!

LIVE until July 2nd

Register for an account on the Apeiron Marketplace then download and play Apeiron!

Register Now!

Builders on Ronin

Onmeta's Ronin Rewards


Buy $PIXEL, $RON, $AXS and more with PHP in your Ronin Wallet —available only on Onmeta! Use Code RONMETA100 and get ₱100 off.

Buy Tokens on Onmeta Now

WOW3 Early User Campaign

LIVE until July 18th

Earn exclusive rewards by exploring the WOW3 platform and climbing the leaderboard.

Join Campaign Now

My Best Axie ID Card Generator

LIVE now!

Your exclusive Axie ID card NFT & merch await! Grab your favorite Axie to enjoy rewards and exclusive activities. Gall3ry is joining Axie Infinity and Ronin to bring back the legendary Axie ID Card generator for all Axie owners. It's time to FLEX your Axie!

Go to Axie ID Card Generator

ScopeChat: Trade Like a Pro


Discover, analyze, and find alpha on trending crypto tokens via Scopechat: the AI-powered Web3 trading assistant. 

Sign up for Scopechat Pro - 7-day FREE

Moku HQ x Ronin Carnival


Sign up for Moku HQ and enter the code “WelcometoRonin” for the Ronin Carnival quest to unlock a FREE gacha spin! Win rewards like NFTs, tokens, digital assets and more. Exclusive for Ronin Carnival attendees only.

Sign up & enter code “WelcometoRonin”

Ronin Education Series: Prizes to be Won


Chat with Ronin GPT for Pea Points and stand to win a 2-week Footprint trial.

Claim Now!

Swap to Airdrop

LIVE now!

Earn $25 when you swap $5,000 in gaming tokens on MetaLend. All the power of an exchange with none of the custody risk.

MetaLend allows gamers to trade, borrow, stake and track all their investments without giving custody to any 3rd party.

*Limited to First 1000 Users. Existing Metalend users are not eligible for this campaign.

Swap now and earn $25!

ForgeGG: Ronin Activation

Live Now!

Sign up for an Account with your Ronin Wallet & get boosted EXP! For a limited time only.

Start Forging now!

Ronin Dev Week

Build on Ronin with Chainstack. Sign up now and get a 1 month Growth plan at $1.

Start building

Archive Protocol (by the team from APY Vision): Limited Access for LP Data on Katana


View Historical LP Data & earnings for Katana!

View My Earnings

Join the Ronin Guild

LIVE now!

Become a member of the Ronin Guild and get access to future opportunities based on your on-chain activity.

More Details Here

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