The Coinbase Learn & Earn Campaign is LIVE!
The Coinbase Learn and Earn campaign is an opportunity for Coinbase users to earn RON rewards by completing quests and quizzes.

Key Points

  • Ronin is LIVE on Coinbase Learn & Earn! Over the next month or so, complete Ronin quests and quizzes to earn RON rewards through the Coinbase App. More details below.
  • If you’re a Ronin community member, check out our Coinbase Learn guide below. If you’re a Coinbase user, check out our Ronin ecosystem overview below. 
  • The Ronin Carnival is running at the same time as Coinbase’s Learn & Earn Campaign. Check out the limited-time activations our ecosystem partners have launched here!

Today, our alliance with Coinbase reached new heights. Ronin is LIVE on Coinbase Learn! Complete Ronin quests and quizzes to earn RON rewards through the Coinbase App. Over the past few months, we’ve built portals between our collective movements: Coinbase’s RON listing. The Ronin Wallet’s CoinbasePay integration. Today’s joint campaign is another step together in our shared mission to increase economic freedom around the world. Let’s talk about Coinbase Learn:

What is Coinbase Learn?

Coinbase Learn is an educational platform built by Coinbase for Coinbase users. Today, Ronin quests and quizzes went LIVE on Coinbase Learn! This gives legions of Coinbase users a smooth portal straight into Ronin. Anyone living in Coinbase’s eligible locations can get started – and earn RON rewards.

We’ve joined forces in this campaign to introduce Coinbase users to Ronin. Coinbase has a large community in the US, the UK, Canada, and beyond – but many of these users may be new to games. Our Coinbase Learn campaign will help them get started on Ronin, and show them what the fastest-growing gaming chain in the world is all about. It’s a chance to deepen our presence in the West, and offer an onboarding portal straight into gamer country.

"Ronin and Coinbase have long shared a similar mission to spread economic freedom through blockchain. Today, we took another step forward together and strengthened the ties between our movements. We're excited to kick off the Coinbase Learn campaign and introduce Coinbase users to Ronin.

This campaign gives Coinbase’s user base a guided tour through Ronin that highlights some of the most exciting experiences within the ecosystem. Welcome, Ronin Learn users!"

- Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin, Sky Mavis and Ronin co-founder

How to Complete the Coinbase Learn Campaign

Step 1: Create or sign-into your Coinbase Account and complete KYC

Step 2: Open the Coinbase mobile app and navigate to the learning rewards section. You can find this by going to Menu → Rewards

Step 3: Click Ronin Quests

Step 4: Start your first quest!


What kinds of activities will I find in the Coinbase Learn Campaign?

The Coinbase Learn Campaign has two parts: Quizzes and Quests. 

How do I earn RON rewards through the Coinbase Learn Campaign?

Complete Quizzes and Quests to earn RON rewards in your Coinbase account!

Are there any restrictions to participating in the Coinbase Learn Campaign if I live outside of Coinbase’s supported regions?

Due to regulatory restrictions, the Coinbase Learn campaign is only available to users residing in certain countries. To check if your country is eligible, visit the Coinbase Learning Rewards FAQ here.

Welcome to the Ronin Ecosystem

Ronin is more than an EVM blockchain forged for gaming: it’s a growing ecosystem of Web3 dApps secured by validators from Google to Nansen. If you’re a Coinbase user exploring our ecosystem for the first time, here’s what you’ll find on Ronin:


Ronin is home to some of the world’s most popular Web3 games including Axie Infinity and Pixels. You’ll also find real-time strategy (RTS) games, casual party royale games, multimedia experiences, top-down shooters, and more. There are over a dozen playable games available right now, and we welcome new game studios to build on Ronin often.

Find out more about the games on Ronin here:


Every month, more builders join the Ronin movement. Today, there are 55 dApps across the Ronin ecosystem. Discover third-party blockchain analytics services like Footprint Analytics, WOW3, and 0xScope. Jump into a Ronin-based borrowing protocol – Metalend. Stake your RON on desktop or through the Ronin Wallet mobile app. Use Katana, Ronin’s decentralized Exchange, to swap tokens. Browse two NFTs marketplaces: Mavis Market & App.Axie.

Find out more about the dApps on Ronin here:

Introducing to the Ronin Carnival

During the Coinbase Learn campaign, a few Ronin ecosystem partners have launched limited-time activations as part of the Ronin Carnival. For example, bind your Ronin Wallet to a PuffTown account and receive PuffTown points in the party royale game – Puffverse! Sign-up for a 7-day FREE trial of 0xScope’s AI-powered trading assistant. There are tons of limited-time opportunities available, and we’ll be updating them over the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

Ronin launched in 2021 to meet the needs of over 2M Axie Infinity players. These players found Ethereum too slow and expensive, while Ronin brought them faster transactions at a lower cost. Three years later, game studios from around the world flock to Ronin because it continues to deliver on its original promise – and more. You’ll find more than games, tokens, and dApps on Ronin: you’ll find the future of Web3 gaming.