Welcome to Ronin, Apeiron
The first-ever Web3 god game – coming to Ronin

Key Points

  • Apeiron is a card-battling Roguelite x god game hybrid. If everything goes according to plan, they’ll migrate onto Ronin in December. While the game is in beta, the Apeiron team expects their global mobile game launch to take place in Q1 2024. This will feature a new PvP mode, a token launch, and an airdrop for early supporters.
  • After the migration, four NFT collections will be available on Mavis Market: Planets, Origins, Godiverse (Artifacts), and Stars – virtual land in Apeiron. 
  • Download the Apeiron demo from the Epic Game Store here, and start earning daily sign-in rewards with your Ronin wallet today!

Another day, another new game on Ronin! We’re excited to welcome Apeiron to our movement. Apeiron is a card-battling Roguelite x god game hybrid that will migrate onto Ronin on December 18th. Download Apeiron on the Epic Game Store and start earning daily sign-in rewards today! We’ve prepared a gameplay and NFT deep dive to help you get started as we work towards the December 15th migration behind the scenes. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

What is Apeiron?

Apeiron is a card-battling Roguelite x God Game hybrid. Players battle their way through a grid-based dungeon with their apostles while wielding supernatural powers – like a god. It’s a revival of the classic god simulation genre popular in the early 2000s. Grow your own planets, control giant avatars in battle, collect NFT cards, and more: Apeiron combines many different game genres into one. The music and sound effects are also pretty awesome. Today, the game is in beta and Foonie Magnus aims to launch the global mobile game early next year. It will feature a new PvP mode, token launch, and even an airdrop for early supporters. We’ve prepared an overview of Apeiron gameplay below, or you can check out their Whitepaper for a comprehensive deep dive into the game mechanics.

Building a Deck: Skills, Apostles, and Artifacts

In Apeiron, you are a Godling battling your way through hostile dungeons alongside your Dood Apostles. Build a deck of cards featuring unique skills for your godling Avatar, up to six classes of Dood Apostles, and a variety of power-up Artifacts. The more dungeons you travel through, the more power you and your team will rack up. Will you make it past the final boss of each dungeon? Let’s talk about what it takes to emerge victorious:

What’s in a Dungeon?

Dungeons can feature a variety of rooms including Battle, Elite Battle, Event, Campfire, Shop, and Boss. Players choose which room they want to enter, and then have to deal with what’s inside! Battle Rooms, Elite Battle Rooms, and Boss Rooms are what they sound like – time to battle. A loss in any room will result in a reset to the beginning of the Dungeon unless you have Booty Hour active or Animus (in-game currency) available. Campfires, Shops, and Event Rooms give players the chance to refresh themselves and their Dood Apostles. Here’s how each room type works:

Battle Rooms and Elite Battle Rooms

Most rooms are Battle rooms. Defeat your enemies in these rooms to progress through the dungeon and pick up loot. This is where you’ll acquire experience points to level up your team, Soul Gems to spend in the Shop, Apostles to add to your team, and even Artifacts to add to your arsenal. At the end of each Battle room, you’ll have the choice of a few items to snag. The more you play, the more you’ll develop a sense of which items will be most helpful to you. For example, you might want to beef up your Dood Apostles early on in the dungeon to get some practice, and then load up on Soul Gems later to secure power-ups before a Boss Battle.

Event Rooms

Event Rooms are fun breaks from battle where you can walk away with extra loot. Each Event Room will present you with a situation, and you’ll choose how to deal with it. For example, the image above shows a Guardian inviting you to sit with another dood and listen to a Priest. Will you join them, or will you steal their thunder by making your own speech? It’s up to you! It’s kind of like a role-playing game. Think Fable or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, except these are brief moments in gameplay and do not define much beyond what happens in that room and the loot you get.


Campfires are opportunities to relax. Choose a totem tablet to either bless, level-up, or even resurrect one of your Apostles. Pro tip: hit up a Campfire before a big battle. That way, you can enter the room recharged and refueled. These are also laidback moments where players can experience Apeiron lore.


Shops are rooms where you can buy supplies, spend in-game currency, and manage your inventory. The shopkeeper may look kind of scary, but have no fear: the items for sale will help you in battle. For example, Godsblood Potion will heal your Avatar, while Spiritslime Potion will heal your Dood Apostles. A Caged Fairy can even resurrect one of your units in the middle of battle! Spend your Soul Gems wisely, Avatar. These items can make the difference between defeating a Boss and starting the whole dungeon over!

Boss Rooms

At the end of Depth 3 in each Dungeon, players must enter the Boss Room. It’s what you expect: a big, bad Boss who wants to crush you and your team. Boss Rooms are much harder to clear than Battle Rooms or Elite Battle Rooms. As you complete a Dungeon, think about saving some firepower for these guys.

💡 Any damage sustained by your godling or apostles follows you until you’ve cleared the entire dungeons.

Meet Foonie Magus

Foonie Magnus is a Singapore-based studio founded in 2021 by a group of game developers united around one idea – that games can change how we see the world. Today, they’re building two gaming franchiseses: Acid Rain World and Aperion. Learn more about their mission and what they’re up to here.

We’ve spent seven years now working on our dreams, starting from a team of 28 developers who poured over six years of our lives…our blood, sweat, and tears into crafting this entertainment experience. But now all the hard work is paying off and the dream is becoming a reality. We are thrilled to partner up with Sky Mavis who share our crazy visions, and we are in for one hell of a ride for the entire gaming industry, one that will present a memorable experience for all to share and own together.”

— Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus. 

Apeiron’s NFT Collections


Planets come with a corresponding Avatar, which plates control in battle. A Planet is composed of up to four elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. You can even breed “Primal Planets” by participating in the divine ritual of Celestial Conjunction. That’s a fancy way of saying two planets are getting funky. Planets orbit around Stars, which you can read about below.


Origins NFTs are Apeiron’s original NFTs. They created them in January 2022, before the game’s official launch.


The Godiverse Collection includes artifacts found in various galaxies throughout the Apeiron universe. For example, the Red Giant is a Sun type while the Small Rock Asteroid is – wait for it… an Asteroid type! These will interact with Stars.


Stars are the virtual land of Apeiron. They help to age orbiting Planets, which allows players to equip more Relics. Stars can also offer unique passive buffs when their powers are combined through a single Constellation. This is important in Alliance gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Last March, we welcomed our first game studio partners to Ronin. Since then, we’ve seen legions of builders join our movement from Pixels to Wild Forest to ZOIDS – and now Apeiron. Step by step, we’re giving our community more and more unique, curated Web3 gaming experiences. There’s something for everyone on Ronin. We’re excited for our next chapter together, and it feels like we’re just getting started. Let’s keep pushing.