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Key Points

  • The Ronin Guild is LIVE on Guild.xyz! Guild.xyz is a no-code platform that enables guilds to form and grow around a variety of off-chain and on-chain attributes. Connect social accounts, crypto wallets, and manage a community. 
  • Today, we launched the Ronin Guild as a proof-of-concept. Builders on Ronin can now use this framework to reward community members. Join the Ronin Guild here! 
  • In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough to join the Ronin Guild on Guild.xyz. Users can also create their own guilds on Guild.xyz.

Welcome to Ronin, Guild.xyz! Guild is a no-code platform that enables guilds to form and grow around a variety of off-chain and on-chain attributes. This integration empowers builders on Ronin to reward their community based on each member’s engagement. Think token-gated access to exclusive opportunities. Here’s what our partnership is all about:

Why Guild Joined the Ronin Movement

Guild started as a Discord bot that connected Ethereum wallets, and has now integrated across multiple platforms like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Google Workspace, GitHub – including 50+ chains and several web3 protocols. They’re now integrated  on Ronin, and builders can create guilds for their own communities today.

In a world of unknowns, a user’s on-chain and off-chain histories are more than bits of data: they tell a story about what matters to that person. For example, an RNS holder who has held and transacted some $RON for the past two years might be the kind of user game studios would like to reward. Guild puts data like this in the hands of builders. For example, a Ronin builder might grant the above user whitelist access to an upcoming mint. Builders reward users based on on-chain activity, and users derive more value from engaging in the ronin ecosystem.

This week, we launched our own Ronin Guild on Guild.xyz to leverage these data streams as a proof-of-concept for a trust framework on Ronin. This is an experimental step towards a Ronin-based reputation score system. Membership in the Ronin Guild comes down to four pillars: on-chain history, holdings, provenance & verification. Membership comes in four tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Mystic. This creates a trust framework between builders and their communities with tier-based verification and reward abilities based on table below:

How to Join the Ronin Guild

Step 1: Go to the Ronin Guild page on Guild.xyz, and click “Join Guild to get Roles.” From there, you'll be prompted to sign-in.

Step 2: Sign in with your Ronin Wallet.

Step 3: After signing-in, the Ronin Guild will verify which requirements you've fulfilled or not. If there are requirements missing, click on the refresh button below in the main page of the Ronin Guild. 

Step 4: In the Home page, scroll down to check the membership tier for which you are eligible.

Step 5: Click on “Points Specification” in the Home page to view the requirements you fulfill.

If you have any issues joining the Ronin Guild, ask the Guild.xyz chatbot at the bottom right of the page for help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Point Leaderboard? 

The Point Leaderboard ranks a guild’s members by points. More points, higher rank! This is a fun way to visualize a guild’s make-up.

I meet the requirements but I don’t have the right amount of points or membership tier. What can I do?

First, refresh the page. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with the Guild.xyz chatbot at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Can the tier requirements change?

Yes, we may change the tier requirements. The Ronin Guild is an experimental proof-of-concept and we may adjust the specifications.

When was the snapshot for Volume & Staking taken?

We took the Volume and Staking snapshots on Block #33251384 & Block #33254841 respectively. 

Update (July 11th): Most recent snapshot for Volume & Staking taken on Block 36245275.

Final Thoughts

Ronin has started the year strong. Our partners are building countless experiences for our community as we speak, and it’s just the beginning. Pixels’ second airdrop came this week. Wild Forest’s public mint sold out in under 7 minutes. Apeiron’s token sale saw over $70M wRON staked. Kaidro’s inaugural NFT mint brought 340,000 Journal NFTs to Mavis Market. While these victories are encouraging, we know that our movement is just getting started. Let’s keep pushing!