Wild Forest is LIVE on Mavis Hub!
Download the real-time strategy game now ⚔️

Last summer, Wild Forest joined our movement as the first real-time strategy (RTS) game on Ronin. They went on to ship a ton of features including four NFT collections on Mavis Market, new in-game maps, the recent Play-to-Airdrop season, and more! Today, they also went LIVE on Mavis Hub! Download the game that has logged over 1M battles since its beta launch, and let the Wild Forest summer begin!

Wild Forest on Mavis Hub

Wild Forest features fast-paced PvP battles, card-collecting elements, and territories for conquest. Your mission? Destroy your opponent’s castle before they destroy yours. Earlier this month, Wild Forest wrapped up its first Play-to-Airdrop Season. Here’s what you can do in the Wild Forest ecosystem today:

• Battle against other players 

• Hone your skills before the upcoming Play-to-Airdrop Season 2

• Collect Lord, Skin, Unit NFTs 

• Buy and open Packs from Mavis Market to score Units, Lords, and Skins

• Download the game on Mavis Hub!

Coming Soon in Wild Forest

Today, Wild Forest is in open beta and the team is working towards a global launch in June. If everything goes according to plan, the $WF token may launch soon afterwards. This is when the Top 4K P2A Season 1 players can expect to receive their token airdrop if everything goes according to plan. In the meantime, Wild Forest aims to kick off P2A Season 2 soon – with 2.5x more token allocation to top players. Join the Wild Forest Discord and follow them on X to stay up-to-date!

Final Thoughts

Wild Forest joined our movement last summer, and has been shipping relentlessly ever since. New units. Lord NFTs. Fresh skins. P2A Seasons. An upcoming token launch. We’re excited to see what the Wild Forest community is up to this summer. Let’s keep pushing.