ZOIDS is LIVE on Ronin!
Upgradeable NFT cards now available on Mavis Market

Key Points

  • ZOIDS WILD ARENA is LIVE on Ronin! Login with a Ronin wallet to play, and start trading card NFTs on Mavis Market now.
  • We’re excited to share that players who migrate from a Polygon to a Ronin wallet will become eligible for rewards including ZOIDS NFTs and a token airdrop. 
  • Check out our guide below to get started with ZOIDS WILD ARENA – download on Android or PC, create your account and start trading card NFTs today. 

Ronin has taken another big step towards its destiny as king of the gaming chains. ZOIDS WILD ARENA is now LIVE! ZOIDS players will even be eligible for rewards like NFTs and a token airdrop. Play, collect, and earn with ZOIDS on Ronin. Here’s how it works:

How to Start Playing ZOIDS WILD ARENA

ZOIDS WILD ARENA gameplay will be the same as it was on Polygon. However, you’ll need to connect a Ronin wallet to play and card NFTs will now be available on Mavis Market. If you’re a new player, you’ll need to download the game here:

If you’re an existing player, the ZOIDS team has put together a migration guide for you here:

Migration Rewards and Airdrop

We’re excited to share that players who migrate from a Polygon to a Ronin wallet will become eligible for rewards including ZOIDS NFTs and a token airdrop. The Snapshot Period for eligible wallets was between October 25th 00:00 UTC and November 8th 00:00 UTC. If you think you might be eligible, register and play at https://zoidswild.io/ to claim rewards after the migration is complete.

What are the Card NFTs on Mavis Market?

ZOIDS WILD ARENA is a blockchain-based trading card game, which is why NFT cards are at the heart of ZOIDS gameplay. Starting today, these NFT cards will be tradeable on Mavis Market! Buy, sell, and make offers on these cards as you build your deck and upgrade your individual cards. There are two main types of cards: Unit and Tactic. Each card can also have up to four stats: Star Count, Energy Cost, Attack, and HP. Here’s how they work:

Star Count

Star Count refers to the card’s grade. Players can upgrade their cards’ Star Counts using the in-game Metal currency all the way to six Stars. This increases the cards power and rarity. However, remember that upgrades can sometimes fail! You can see a card’s Star Count at the top of the card.

Energy Cost

Energy Cost refers to how much Mana a player must spend to summon or spend the card. Stronger cards tend to require more energy, although that may not always be the case. This is similar to Energy in Axie Infinity: Origins. You can see a card’s Energy Cost in the top left-hand corner.


Attack refers to the damage the card can deal to an enemy ZOID or Commander. Some Tactic cards may not have Attack because they are defensive or tactical in nature. For example, the “Replace Troops” card returns cards to a player’s deck, and allows the players to draw three unit cards. That kind of card wouldn’t have an Attack score. You can see a card’s Attack in the bottom left-hand corner near the yellow sword.

Hit Points or Health Points (HP)

HP refers to how much damage a Commander or Unit can sustain before being defeated. Like the Attack stat, some cards may not have HP because they are tactical in nature. You can see a card’s HP in the bottom right-hand corner near the green shield. In ZOIDS WILD ARENA, battles are won when one Commander’s HP reaches zero. A Commander’s HP is separate from a card’s HP.

For those that are just diving into the battles of ZOIDS WILD ARENA, the developer team recommends focusing on acquiring a balanced mix of Unit and Tactic cards to build a deck. New players should look for Unit cards with lower Energy Costs to ensure a strong early game presence and Tactic cards with healing or defensive capabilities to sustain your forces. Cards with the ‘Charge’ skill can be particularly advantageous, allowing for immediate action upon summoning, which can give you the edge in fast-paced matches. May your ZOIDS become champions of the arena!

What is the Metal Currency?

Metal is an off-chain currency used to upgrade cards in ZOIDS. Earn it in through Daily Pot Rewards, and keep an eye on the official ZOIDS X account – they’ve leaked hints that Metal may become an on-chain token in the future. That’s all we can say for now!

Final Thoughts

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen enormous progress on Ronin. Pixels migrated to our ecosystem. Wild Forest announced its Open Beta. Now, ZOIDS are LIVE. As December approaches, stay tuned for some exciting surprises from the ZOIDS team. Ronin will become the king of the gaming chains because we will continue shipping relentlessly and supporting our partners as they do the same. Let’s keep pushing!